Meet Diesel Minnie, Diesella and MinnieMee.

Having a unique hairstyle and a good fashion sense got me the title of a Social Media Influencer. After nearly 4 years on Instagram, the list of doggy products and accessories I represent have been growing more and more – brands such as Daniel Wellington Watches, Kin-Kind Products, Dr. Judy Morgan's Natural Healthy Pet Products and a feature on Ellen DeGeneres’ Instagram page to name a few. This caught the attention of Instagrammers around the world thereby earning me the title of “doggy influencer”.

One of my videos, “Sunday Spaw Routine” featuring one of World of Angus' doggy grooming products went viral and was featured on ABC News, Good Morning America and other Social Media sites worldwide. View the Good Morning America video here!

Through Instagram, my Mommy and I met lots of friends on meet ups all across Canada and the United States. But it wasn’t all fun and glamour. On February 19, 2018 I had a misadventure– I fractured both my front legs by jumping and landed wrong. She was so heartbroken when the Doctor told her about my broken legs. For the very first time since my Mommy took me home as a puppy, we got separated. I spent the night at the hospital to be prepped for my surgery the very next day.

The next few months after the operation was very challenging for both my Mommy and myself. She slept on the floor with me (I wasn’t allowed to sleep on the bed) for months. I couldn’t do anything but eat and sleep, and had to be helped to go potty. She worked from home during my recovery period and we traveled to Mexico twice to help my wound heal faster in very warm weather (I have metal implants on both legs). Her hard work and sacrifices paid off as I’m now fully recovered and our bond is much stronger than ever.

Instagram @diesel_minnie